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I’m Pam Blackman – the CEO of Ops InSync.  For you, I’m your Operations Strategist partnering with established entrepreneurs and small businesses. More affectionately, I’ve earned a few nicknames.  Smoky the Bear, because I help prevent fires.  Mama Bear, because I fiercely look over the best interest of my client’s business.  And, last but not least, the Chaos Buster, because…well, I am on a mission to help create chaos free businesses!  Bottom line – I’m your right-hand who will always have your six. 

Get To KnowMe

Fun Facts

  • Something Unusual.  I was an amateur trick rider as a kid.  (Very amateur :-)) Hanging from a saddle, upside down with your head inches from the ground, gives you a whole new perspective.
  • Favorite Music Genre. I love music from a variety of genres.  It’s just that the songs have to be different somehow than all the others, where they show some serious talent, not just mimicking someone else.
  • Favorite Past-time. I love training my dog, Cairo.
  • Favorite Guilty Pleasure. Rocky movies.  (Ha! don’t ask me why!)
  • Motto. I have a few, but one to share here is that I don’t believe in taking ourselves too seriously.  There are things we have to be serious about, like our responsibilities to God, community, and family – but we need to carry it all light and have fun along the way.

My Professional background

  • Roles Held.  Director of Operations, Operations Manager, Sr. Executive Assistant, Project Manager, Special Events Manager and Administrative Supervisor.
  • A Few Accomplishments.  Streamlined recruiting processes for a Fortune 500 company; Chaired an annual charity event in which over a 2 year period proceeds increased by 225%; Saved one company $400K in additional licensing fees, another client $5K in chargebacks, another client $1K in security charges, and another $20K in fines due to an HR violation  – through effective problem resolution.
  • Education.  Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems. Professional Certifications Include: Certified Director of Operations, Certified Online Business Manager & Certified Product Launch Specialist.

My Life Compass Beliefs

  • Faith.  First and foremost God and Jesus are at the helm of all I do.  I don’t always get it right, and I’m no where near perfect, but they are truly my ultimate compass.
  • Have Integrity.  Yes – everyone always lists this, but I absolutely believe that it is my responsibility to do what I said I would do, own up when I screw up, and always make things right – to the best of my ability.  I know who I ultimately answer to.
  • Give.  Give more than I take, and be ever on the lookout for ways to do so.
  • Keep Learning.  There is always more to learn!  More to explore and I thrive on doing so.
  • Don’t Take It All Too Seriously.  We have to be able to laugh, play and be silly sometimes.  Hopefully you will enjoy my dry sense of humor!

My experience in working with Pam has been exceptional. She really took the time to get to know our organization and presented her solutions effectively and helped simplify a potentially overwhelming process.

I believe the ROI on her work will really give our organization more time to focus on our mission and more peace of mind that things aren’t falling through the cracks.

By having effective processes in place we will save money because of increased efficiency. Having streamlined and organized documentation will help us communicate in a number of critical situations.

On a personal note, Pam was always encouraging, positive, and professional. I highly recommend her without reservation.

Sally Spencer-Thomas

CEO & Co-Founder, Carson J. Spencer Foundation

Bachelor of Science | Management Information Systems

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