The Single Key to Increase Client Loyalty


Your mission deserves your full attention! Building loyalty with your existing clients is one major way to keep your full focus where it belongs.

As you already know, it takes 7 – 10 times the money and effort to acquire a new client than it takes to keep a current client satisfied.  That’s a significant strain on you and your business!

So What Is the Single Key to Increasing That Loyalty?

Make it easy for your clients to do business with you!  

Fortunately, there are several methods to simplify your client experience and pave the way for lasting loyalty.

  • Establish a solid client onboarding system and automate as much of it as possible.

Be sure you are rolling out the red carpet by giving clients all the information they need upfront.

Anticipate their needs, continuously improve your onboarding process based on feedback, and preemptively address any questions or issues before they even have a chance to arise.

  • Second, ensure that it’s easy for clients to find answers to their questions.

Create a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base that allows customers to quickly find the information they need. If they can’t locate the answers they’re looking for, have a support team in place to promptly and thoroughly handle inquiries.

Some companies that excel in these areas and have earned unwavering loyalty include Dubsado, ClickUp, Teamwork, and Gravity Forms. While Teamwork and Gravity Forms may take longer to respond due to their ticket system, their answers are comprehensive and rarely require additional back and forth. They anticipate further questions and provide helpful resources such as screenshots. Recently, Gravity Forms even performed a task for a customer rather than just explaining the process, demonstrating exceptional service.

  • Avoid allowing any customer support representative to become a barrier between clients and management.

While their role is to handle customer service and address complaints, they should not stand in the way of a customer’s request to speak with a manager or a senior team member.

Few things frustrate clients more than a support representative who seems to be on a power trip, refusing to accommodate their request. This perception, whether accurate or not, can quickly erode client loyalty.


The reality is that many customers will leave for a competitor if they struggle to get help or navigate your business processes.

If this sounds like a potential issue for your company, don’t waste any time before implementing an effective onboarding system and training your customer service representatives on how to showcase the best your company has to offer.

While there’s always room for improvement in any business, take some time today to identify any gaps in your customer service process.

By addressing these areas, you’ll be setting the stage for a successful tomorrow. Remember, the key to increasing client loyalty lies in making it easy for them to do business with you. Implementing these strategies will help ensure that your customers remain satisfied, loyal, and focused on the shared mission at hand.

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